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Foglie d’Oro Listoni Light Oak Planks Parquet

Rovere Chiaro
Foglie d'Oro Listoni Oak Parquet in Oak. Product made in IT.

Delivery available in 4-5 working weeks.

Oak has always been appreciated for its beauty and durability over time and is one of the most used essences, ideal for carrying out different processes. A hard, heavy wood that produces a lot of waste, due to inclusions or cracks.
The natural color of this essence is the characteristic beige-yellow-hazelnut-honey color but it has the possibility of having a various range of tones due to the ease in absorbing the pigments of its surface thanks to its open grain.
The presence of more or less marked grain, flames and knots changes based on the choice of boards.

LIGHT OAK matches any decor, from minimalist to rustic, from classic to modern.
A parquet collection that embodies a world of nature and warmth, but also color, which embraces those who love experiencing the natural elegance of wood in its pure and timeless form. A world of freedom practically without borders, open to customizable configurations.

The parquet is available in various finishes:

  • Pre-sanded parquet :
    this simpler first process makes the surface of the parquet smooth and soft to the touch and uniform to the eye.
    It is carried out through a special calibration and sanding of the boards with specific abrasive papers.
    The material thus retains its natural originality, adapting to any finish.

  • Brushed Parquet :
    the most requested process is brushing because it makes cleaning and maintenance of the wood easy. With special brushes, the softest part of the grain is removed, leaving the structure of the wood in relief and opening the pore. Its warm natural sensation remains unchanged, without ruining the fibers of the material.

  • Sandblasted parquet :
    sandblasting is a process by which the most superficial and soft part of the wood is consumed through abrasion due to a jet of sand and air.
    The presence of micro incisions thus gives the flooring a material and scraped effect.

  • Hand-hewn parquet :
    it is a process on the surface which consists in the hand hollowing and rounding of knots and edges of the boards, enhancing their strength
    structural character of the chosen wood. The creation of this special process gives a truly high-impact three-dimensional effect, through the play of shadows that form when the floor is illuminated.

  • Hand planed parquet :
    it is a highly sought-after precious treatment that is still carried out by hand by expert master craftsmen today. This is the process carried out with the use of small planes, which create an irregular, slightly hollowed and wavy smoothing which, under the effect of light, gives a unique and exclusive appearance of great value and beauty, which cannot be repeated mechanically. Suitable for those who love rustic style.

  • Antique Parquet :
    the antique effect is carried out entirely by hand with special tools that make the surface of the wood look lived-in, reproducing the passage of time and foot traffic with scratches and scratches. With small holes, the fake woodworm effect is given, emphasizing the characteristics of aged wood.

  • Parquet saw cut :
    it is the recovery of a traditional technique, which used saw cuts, to result in a wood surface that is rough to the touch.
    This finish makes any scratches less evident and enhances the cutting grooves and streaks. The traces left on the surface have a depth, orientation and dimension that cannot be reproduced on an industrial level as each plank is different from the other.

  • Rounded parquet :
    Processing carried out by hand with the use of tools that generate a deep and rounded hollow. The boards are hollowed out in the external part which is the softest in nature, creating a lived-in, worn and worn effect to the eye and touch.

Herringbone 90° herringbone parquet or Chevron 45° French herringbone parquet is also available.

Slats of various thicknesses or solid wood planks can be selected.

For information on dimensions, accessories and shipping costs, request a quote.

With the purchase it will be possible to receive a sample for viewing.


Foglie d'Oro Listoni


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Ratings & Reviews

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